Hi, you found me! I am a spiritual teacher and an intuitive guide, dedicated to using all I've been given to helping our world transition to a place of love, a place where all can be free to express and explore. I work with the Angel Kirael doAni.

For nearly a decade now, I have been training and teaching the meta-intuitive arts in an international setting. I have walked in two worlds: as an evolutionary biologist, I worked in science and studied development; as a meta-intuitive, I dealt with sensitivity, worked with children, and gave readings to thousands.

In the end, I realised they were never two separate worlds. From the heart, both work together beautifully.

- Dr. M. Rohaa Langenhof


It doesn't matter if your question is personal or business, if you are asking about emotions or ideas, if you're stuck with yourself or with others. I'll figure it out for you. I work from a deep intuitive place, and I like to be clear, practical and direct. I get to the point, and I don't let you lie to yourself.

Here's a short list of topics I'd love to help you with:

  • Relationships (romantic or not) 
  • Family, relatives, children
  • Emotions, baggage, trauma recovery
  • Work, career and why you're here
  • Past life influences
  • Your own intuitive gifts
  • Your path in life
  • Sorting out recurring patterns

Because I like variety, I also help people write their college or university thesis.



I have been incredibly lucky in the help and guidance I've found on my path. I was given methods and processes and ways to understand people far beyond anything else out there, ones that work. There's nothing I want more than to share that with the world.

How much

Pricelist for 2017:

  • 1-hour consult: E75.00,-
  • Quick question: E10,-
  • Half day intensive: E250,-

Package deals:

  • Long term: 8 hours for E550,-
  • Question a day: E200,- / mo

Terms and conditions apply. Tax incl.
Phone or Skype consults possible.

If you are from the Netherlands or Belgium and prefer to work through a third-party, you can contact me through Antwoorden en Inzichten for intuitive advice, and through BijlesHuis for help with your thesis.


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Why I am good at this

A well-trained gift

I was born an intuitive, a Senser. As a child I could sometimes understand languages I'd never heard before. I did my first past-life recall when I was 12. I could always feel when someone was upset. I could see people that weren't physically there, and talk to them. I was guided.

A natural gift is important, and yet an untrained gift is like an untrained dog: it does what it wants, sometimes hugely helpful, but other times it's dragging you around, tearing up your furniture, barking at your friends, not there when you need it, or simply inaccurate. An intuitive gift needs years of training before it is useful and reliable.

I started this training as a teen, getting my 1st and 2nd degree Reiki in the formal tradition, and the Reiki Master degree a few years later through the non-traditional system. While it was helpful to practise working with energy and to give healings, I didn't feel power here, or depth. This I found years later, in 2009, when I started working with the Angel. I have been training in the meta-intuitive arts ever since, in the martial arts tradition of in-house student that is a little bit of theory and 98% practise, and have held a black belt since 2014. 

In my training, a process more intense and difficult than any of my traditional education ever was, my gifts have grown a lot, and I have grown to a place where I can not just handle them stable and easily, but use them to answer almost any question reliably. I keep training.

A scientific mind

There are very few meta-intuitives who are scientifically trained, as academia by its very nature discourages people from exploring things spiritual and non-physical. They get nervous when they cannot measure something. Yet the meta-intuitive arts, as a field, is only at its beginning stages, and needs people to create effective methods and solid understanding based in something more than individual perceptions and beliefs.

Over a decade in science has taught me to ask questions, and seek proof. It's taught me the importance of consistency, of gathering data in an objective setting, of being able to repeat results and have others repeat them, and it's taught me not to believe blindly. I've taken these ideas with me in my practise of the meta-intuitive arts, strongly encouraged by the spiritual master who taught me. 

Rather than only sensing, I hypothesise, I analyse, I build database and study the patterns in what I find. I use my thinking to generate ideas and possibilities and hypotheses, and I use my intuitive senses to explore these ideas and verify them. I use my intuitive skills to perceive, and my logic to check if what my senses found makes any sense.

The intuitive mind and the logical mind, when used together well, are so much more powerful and effective than either of them could be alone.

Years of experience

All the theoretical knowledge in the world is nice, but it takes practical experience to recognise a problem, to know what works and what doesn't, and to build up the strength to be able to put knowledge and skill to good use. 

Within this life, I have spent nearly a decade doing the work of looking inside, facing my own darkness and my own shortcomings, changing my habits, feeling old pain, making big decisions and changing my life. Because of it, I know what I'm asking when I guide clients to face their past, and I know how to get them through. It is a lifelong process, that I continue till this day.

In my twenties, I started teaching at the Elfpath international school for meta-intuitive development, which I founded and for which I wrote most of the lesson plans. Since 2010, I trained people to become aware of their own energy, to discover and develop their intuitive gifts, and to change their life. I gave readings for people internationally, and worked one on one and in groups with many. Since 2015, I started this practise, and have consulted for hundreds of people on a huge variety of topics.

As a scientist, I've taught B.Sc. and M.Sc. students, and as a thesis advisor, I've worked with 80+ college and university students on their research. 

What others say

  • Thank you again for being there. You helped me through so much and I am grateful that you've helped me on my path.
    - Randy     

  • Rohaa helped me gain insight in how my colleagues work. I've been aware of underlying tensions in the group, but I couldn't quite get my finger on it and had a very one-sided point of view. Rohaa left me with more understanding of my colleagues' motivations. I found this really helpful.

    - Katherine

  • After analysing many options for a new team member, you selected the candidate who was exactly perfect for the team - something we didn't fully realise till he proved a treasure months after hiring.

    - Passionate Play Center

  • Hey Rohaa I have been practicing awareness and it is helping so much! I find I can "refresh" or "empty out the trash" feelings almost at will now. I still feel them, but can soon after choose to hold them or let them go ( through grounding). I agree, I wouldn't trade this. The intensity of the energy when I'm with people I love is UNBELIEVABLE!!


  • You gave me clarity within seconds.

    - Susanne

  • It's to the point and practical. No flashy doo-dads or fancy confusing terms. You're adressed in a way that makes sense to you and gives you a chance to make your own decisions in the matter. I've always felt empowered. From the first second onward, you can change your path.

    - Wim Savels

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M.Sc. Evolutionary Biology

PhD Behavioural Development

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