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mainIf you are looking for clarity in your life and need advice from a place beyond simple physical perceptions, from the realm of deep intuition, you've come to the right place. 

I offer a combination of skills that you'll rarely find anywhere else:

A set of strong natural gifts, including empathy, a hands gift, and the ability to hear, feel and see the non-physical;

A challenging 5 year training process by Kirael doAni, resulting in a black belt in the Meta-Intuitive Arts and the skills of an adept Senser;

The highest academic training in the exact sciences, resulting in a M.Sc. in Evolutionary Biology and a PhD in Behavioural Development;

Years of practical experience counselling, coaching and teaching people from all ages and all walks of life, both individually and in groups, in an international setting.

With these strengths, I can give you an in-depth reading easily, and quickly grasp the underlying energies of complicated situations. My specialities include relationships, communication, parenting, understanding people's life paths and potential, awakening intuitive gifts in both adults and children, and the global Shift to a heart-centered world. You will be especially happy with my help if you are looking to figure out who you are, what you are here for in life, and how you can reach your highest potential.


Services & Prices

Simple 1 hour consult

Ten minute phone / skype call

Half hour short question

Half day intensive

On location (per hour, excl. travel expenses)

E 75.00

E 15.00

E 40.00

E 250.00

E 80.00

Prices are for both personal and business consults. For package deals and long-term trajectories, see Personal Consult and Business Consult pages.


If you are unemployed and really need some help, feel free to contact me so we can try to work something out between us.


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PhD Behavioural Development

M.Sc. Evolutionary Biology

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  • Rohaa reassures you quickly and ask the right questions to get you to see your own blockages. She does this with humour, but is very understanding! After talking to her I felt much calmer, and I am very happy with her tips and advices. Definitely recommend!

    - Melissa

  • You gave me clarity within seconds.

    - Susanne

  • Hey Rohaa I have been practicing awareness and it is helping so much! I find I can "refresh" or "empty out the trash" feelings almost at will now. I still feel them, but can soon after choose to hold them or let them go ( through grounding). I agree, I wouldn't trade this. The intensity of the energ

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